We are a company dedicated to offering fast solutions to the problems caused by the different plagues that attacks the palms.

To be more specific, our purpose is to protect the value of the palm groves opposite to the devastating threat caused by the Red Palm Weevil.

We offer viable and real solutions.

We offer effective solutions

- It is not necessary the elimination of the infected specimens.
-Our solution eliminates all the phases of the Red Palm Weevil (from the egg up to the adult).
-No emission is produced to the outside of the palm.

We have the best available technology

- Adaptable equipment to different kinds of palms.
-Easy handling and transport of machinery.
-Simple method of application and with very light equipment.
-No setback effect of the product caused for the wind.
-The material is easy to disinfect.
-The same equipment is capable of working uninterrupted.
-The implementation and application are viable in time and cost.
-Easy to use in parks, gardens, fish-ponds, private properties and wild specimens.

Method of high efficiency

- Visible results are in a very short term
- Long periods of time between the different applications, if necessary.
- Suitable for any environment or weather conditions.
- The extermination is assured during the processes of quarantine
- The palms are covered in the moment of the pruning, that way the beetle will not feel attracted by the vegetable hormones.
-The insects have not any chance of flying away.
-The treatment eliminates other present plagues, so it is not necessary any other treatments.

We take care of your safety

- Effective, comfortable and easy to handle material of safety for the workman.
-There is not any contact between the product and the workman.
-The treatment is isolated of the walkers.

We respect to the environment

- No emission produced to the environment.
- Null environmental persistence in the long term.
- The product can not be dispersed with the wind.
- It stops the territorial expansion of the plague and promoves his eradication
- It does not affect other species outside the treatment, as bees, birds, …
- The treatment does not produce any damage in the palm
- Rapid recovery of the vegetative cycle of the plant, with what it recovers his beauty
- During the treatment the visual impact is minimized by discrete cases and the apical part, with the youngest branches is let out and intact
- Organic residues are easily transportable and manageable
- Our performance follows a guideline with a high environmental sensibility

In addition, it's profitable

- (Creation) of employment in the (environment) of the contractors.
- Economic (involution) of other professionals of the branch.
- Adaptability for the different existing agents (gardeners, greenhousers and technical personnel or workmen of public or private administrations).
- Conservation of the patrimony represented by the palms (autochthonous kinds, historical palm groves, traditional gardens, …) .
- Protection of the commercial interests.
- Protection of the environmental resources and his utilization.
- Doesn't exist pollution of the fruit , so the crops are kept during the treatment.
- Economic and competitive price.